About Us

Fair Distribution Ltd. (FDL) is the authorized national distributor of SAMSUNG Mobile in Bangladesh. We introduce SAMSUNG Mobile devices to the people who like to use fashionable, smart and elite class device.

Samsung is the top choice for consumers switching from other brands (share of migrating customers). In fact, a third (34%) of all switching customers moves to Samsung.

For over 80 years, Samsung has been a leader in the discovery, research and development of Consumer Electronics and Mobile Phones. Guided by strong values, high ethical standards and "meaningful innovation” - a philosophy at the core of everything we do – we create breakthrough technology products that are personalized, relevant and will genuinely enhance your daily life. Simply put, we want you to have a "wow" experience, each and every time you pick up a Samsung Mobile device – such as the GALAXY Note 8, the GALAXY S8, the GALAXY S8 edge, GALAXY Tab E 9.6 and more.

Samsung is clearly the best device. It’s much more customizable and it offers so many more features. It's also easier to service if you have an issue. And you’re not forced to do things with your phone you don't want to do like update and pay for apps.

Samsung is a name that will be familiar to anyone one who has ever considered buying anything from a television set to a tablet PC. Samsung is also one of the best known smartphone manufacturers in the world, and it has a large range of handsets.

There's a huge range of Samsung smartphones to choose between though most run on Google’s Android operating system. This includes Samsung’s Galaxy ‘S’ series as well as its huge Galaxy Note handsets, which come with large screens and the option to use a stylus instead of your fingers. Many handsets are spin offs of the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S8, including a Large version (the S8 Plus), both are waterproof device, Infinity Screen, Iris sensor included and with an improved duel lens camera.